Perfect Diary ★★★★★

by Oprah fan - Version 2.7.0 - Jun 24, 2012


I have been looking for an app that was a food diary, but not tied to calorie counting. I just like to see what I am eating, without looking up the calorie count and serving size of each item. This is just the app for that! I also like the notes section where you can journal your exercise.

Perfect for keeping track! ★★★★★

By 2wikd May 5th, 2012


this app is gr8! I have struggled w/ eating disorders for 20 yrs...this app allows me to keep track of my food intake, times of meals, liquid intake, my weight, etc... it is very helpful to see what I am eating (and what I haven't ) ... app has easy to use interface...plain & simple... gr8 app for evry1...healthier eating leads to a healthier life! * thanks 2 dev! *using my kfire

just what i wanted!

By meep827



hi, i love this app sooooo much! i love it so much that i decided to make a review about it! its perfect for me!


A Great App!!

I love this app because it is so easy to use. It's the best app for journaling that I have found. Tech support is efficient and fast.
This is definitely worth getting.